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Winter Solstice Gate - Simon Connett Blacksmith

Winter Solstice Gate

by | Apr 12, 2023 | Sculpture | 0 comments

I may have mentioned that I have a lot of sketchbooks and they are full of designs for gates, railings, fire iron sets etc.

Some of these designs have been turned into metalwork, into three-dimensional pieces that now inhabit the world, others still sit in the sketchbooks waiting. I occasionally consider them again when I’m leaving through an old book.

This design is one of them.

Came up with this idea in that weird time between Christmas and New Year the time. When we all ask “what day is it?” Days have less meaning during this time.

I was thinking about the winter solstice that had recently come and gone. I’d read a couple of pieces by a local poet and an artist both Dartmoor-based, and they’re inspired me to come up with something myself to represent this important time of year.

The idea is that the curtain line across the middle of the gate represents the hard frozen Earth. Above this line the bare branches of the trees stand, a few dead leaves, still cling to them in places, the circle represents the low winter sun.

Below the Earth however, new growth weights curled up ready to spark into life as the Sun warms the soil. This new life is signified by the acorns and scroll forms. I can just imagine them unfurling and reaching up towards the returning light.

I like this design a lot, I’m going to make it and release it from its Sketchbook one day.