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Ironwork Collage of Design


by | Apr 11, 2023 | Sculpture | 0 comments

Design, it’s a difficult one. I don’t know how many hours I’ve spent staring at a blank piece of paper, waiting for inspiration to hit me, like a pink thunderbolt.

When I start work for a new client, I like to send them at least two, more likely three designs, this is because I want them to have a choice. They may not like the old contemporary Gate idea that I think will look great. They might prefer something with a more of a traditional feel.

This does mean that, although I may immediately have one idea I like and think will work in that particular location. I still have to come up with a couple more designs and these designs have to be something I’m happy with, not just stocking fillers but good, well considered pieces in their own right.

This can lead to a lot of staring at blank paper, waiting for that thunderbolt…

I never intentionally set out to develop a design process, but over the 12+ years I’ve been self-employed the process has kind of developed itself.

It starts with “draw something” I’ll draw out loads of tiny thumbnail size designs, just fill a page with them they don’t have to look good. They just have to convey something that helps me to start to visualise how the finish product could look.
I’m a visual person, once I can see an object in my minds eye, be it gate, fire iron set or sculpture, I can draw it out properly.

The thumbnail sketches help me to see the shape, or the scale, or the layout of an idea. Sometimes unintentionally, I’ll see something in one that leaves me in a totally different direction.

I love those little sketches now, occasional pick up one of my huge pile of old sketchpads and leaf through it, a thumbnail catch my eye and I’ll see something new and off I’ll go again.

From tiny acorns, pink thunderbolts are born. I think that’s the saying anyway⚡️